We offer trainings that are approved by GA DECAL Bright From the Start.  Trainings are scheduled throughout the year.

For those out of state, we offer the 10 hour training in a Zoom format over 5 weeks.

We also have video courses available.  See below.

Assistant Video Courses



Purpose:    Designed for non-credentialed adult learners working in a Montessori infant class or toddler community.                      This is also beneficial for parents wishing to support their children at  home.


Format:     Video instruction (15 or 30 minutes) by an experienced, certified instructor.  Videos are presented in    

                    groups of five (5) presentations with discussion questions provided for each group of lectures.  May be

                    viewed in a group setting or by individuals.  Optional 1 hour Zoom meetings at the end of each group

                    of lectures.


                    The Toddler Assistant Course is comprised of 26 videos presented in groups of 5.  Total viewing time is

                     approximately 11 hours.  

                    The Infant Assistant Course is comprised of 26  videos presented in groups of 5.  Total viewing time    

                    is approximately 11 hours.  (Note 2.5 hours of Philosophy is repeated from the Toddler course).


Cost:          The cost for each course (26 videos each) is $250. 00 If an adult learner enrolls in both courses there the

                    cost is $450.00.


                    If a group of 3 or more are enrolled from one school there is  an option for up to 10  Zoom discussion

                    meetings with the instructor at a cost of $25 per meeting.         


                     Upon completion of the course participants will receive a certificate from Grace Montessori Teacher





Interested in our Montessori Assistants Training? Well good news!
We have a events throughout the year!

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This was the most useful In Service I have attended in years. Christine's presentation was entertaining, informative, and so practical. I can't wait for the next one!

I started my Practicum teaching feeling well-prepared and supported. I still have questions but the information I received in my classroom training was so rich I am confident this will be a great year!

I wish I had known some of this information before we had our first child.  Now, expecting our second child, I feel much more prepared and less anxious.