Birth to Three Montessori Credential

Birth to Three Montessori Credential Course


    Admission Criteria and Selection Procedure

    Admission criteria is based on the candidate’s qualifications and the interview as follows:

    1.          Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.

    2.          The candidate is required to have completed a college/university degree or its 

                       equivalent. High school graduates or undergraduate adult learners have the option of an

                       interview to determine if an exemption applies.

    3.          Applicant submits original copy of his/her Application Form including a current photograph, and                        proof of payment of the initial deposit. 

    4.          Each applicant must be personally interviewed by the Administrator/Program Director

                       to assess suitability to meet the academic requirements of the course – for example, the ability to                        write albums, do research and write assignments. The personal interview includes requiring the                            applicant to write an essay about his/her motivation to embark in a Montessori career including                          his/her goals and philosophy  of life.

    5.         Submission of two letters of reference.

    6.         After a successful interview, the interviewer discusses the course structure and 

                      requirements in detail. 

    6.          The applicant signs an “Enrollment Contract”, pays the fees and receives the adult 

                      learner handbook and books/materials.

   7.          Upon acceptance Adult Learners will receive six (6) the required reading books from GMTE.  Adult                          Learners will be expected to begin reading prior to the first day of class.


Transfer Students

      Transferees must be in good standing at their previous training center to be accepted. In addition to the standard admission requirements, transferees are required to submit a letter of recommendation and clearance from the Program Director of their previous training center. Their adult learner records must also be transferred to GMTE.  Generally, GMTE accepts credits earned at Teacher Education Programs affiliated or approved by the Christian Montessori Fellowship (CMF), provided that such credits are appropriate to the adult learner’s chosen certification level at GMTE. Credits for Montessori courses previously earned at non-CMF-affiliated institutions will be reviewed by the Program Director.


     Fees for units or credits available through another program are determined by the level of the courses and the number of credit hours in which the student is enrolled. Fees include:

         $100 Program/Advising fee 

         $100    Registration fee 

         $100 Transcript Evaluation fee (if applicable)

         $  20 Academic course fee ($20/hour) 

         Plus applicable practicum fee


Course Fees and Payment Plan


The adult learner agrees to pay: 

Non-refundable registration Fee, CMF Adult Learner Fee & MACTE Fee                $   650         

Non-refundable deposit towards academic course fees                                             $ 1,100


Remaining balances due 10 days prior to the course start date:  

Academic course fees, refundable ($4,100); Practicum Fee, refundable ($500)         $ 4,700

Book Fees                                                                                                                             $150

Total Cost For The Course                                                                                               $ 6,600



1.Tuition payments received more than five business days after the payment plan due date, will result in a $25 late payment fee. Checks returned for any reason will result in a $30 returned check fee. 

2.An experienced field consultant guides each adult learner through the practicum phase of the course.  pays all travel and food and related expenses for supervision of practicum within a 50-mile radius from the training center if applicable. All travels and lodging expenses for practicum supervisions outside said radius will be the responsibility of the adult learner or his/her school.   

3.Cash, checks, and payments made through Venmo are acceptable modes of payment. 


Withdrawal and Refunds

The adult learner may withdraw from the course by submitting a written letter of withdrawal. Withdrawal from the course is not official until the request has been received and approved by the Program Director. GMTE will refund payments to any adult learner who cancels his/her enrollment contract provided that such withdrawal is filed 30 days prior to the first day of class. In cases where refunds are not applicable, due primarily to late filing of withdrawals, or due to unavoidable circumstances, the adult learner may opt to apply for fund credit for future use. The refund is determined as indicated in the table below.

In the event that GMTE cancels a starting course, all payments received (excluding payment for course books and materials) will be refunded within two months unless the adult learner elects to apply the money paid for a later class.