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Grace Montessori Welcomes You

We are passionate about helping adults become the best caregivers possible by providing information and practical strategies for parents and teachers.


Attend workshops that are designed to give creative teachers practical suggestions to use in the classroom.

Most schools require staff members to complete In-Service hours each year. We have workshops that are pragmatic and approved from GA DECAL, Bright from the Start.


  • 10-hour Montessori Assistant Teachers

  • 4-hour Terrific Toddlers

  • Food Fun for Young Learners

Video Courses- LEARN MORE

  • Infant Assistants

  • Toddler Assistants

Our Services


One on One chats with experts can be helpful when you need some assistance.

Whether you are needing help with your own child or are setting up a new classroom, we can help.  Contact us today for rates and available times.


Montessori Certification

Become a certified Birth to Three Montessori Teacher.

The 203 hour academic course is comprised of a 3-week summer intensive (120 hours) followed by 83 hours of Zoom classes over a 9-month period. The practicum phase is 400 hours that are completed in one of our approved practicum schools.

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