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Christian Montessori Fellowship

GMTE is an affiliate of the Christian Montessori Fellowship and adult learners who successfully complete the their Birth to Three course will receive a credential from the Christian Montessori Fellowship.

We are currently a candidate in good standing with the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education  (MACTE). We have been fully verified and are awaiting full approval from the Board early in December 2022.  We expect that graduates will receive certification from MACTE beginning in 2023.  We are also approved by the GA Non Public Post Secondary Education Commission.

GMTE conducts its academic classes during the Academic Phase in English. If translation is required adult learners may request that GMTE hire translators for the lectures and assignments.  The adult learner bears all costs of translation.  The methods of instruction include lectures and discussions, reading of assignments, demonstrations of materials, keynote presentations, role playing, small group activities, videos, and supervised practice with the materials. 


Many schools desire to provide an authentic Montessori experience for children before they enter the 3-6 Primary class, but teachers who only hold a 3-6 Credential are not fully prepared to support infants or toddlers. The Birth to Three Credential is not only designed to prepare teachers, but it is an incredible resource for parents who want to fully support their children in a developmentally appropriate environment.  


The CMF Birth to Three Teacher Certification course is designed to provide comprehensive instruction to those individuals desiring to become Montessori birth to three teachers. This Course has been planned to develop sequentially from one stage of understanding to the next. Prior to enrollment, adult learners begin with an initial orientation and an independent study.  


Part I: Independent Study  

Adult learners enrolling in the course will be given a list of books to be read prior to the beginning of the 203 hours of academic instruction. 120 hours will be held on-site at the training center and 83 hours will be offered via Zoom.  Upon enrollment adult learners will purchase from the Center five (5) of the required books so they may begin reading prior to the first day of class so that they may take notes and come to class with questions.  


Part II: Classroom Instruction  

The academic instruction includes eight separate classes presented through lectures and presentation of the Montessori Materials. Time will be given for adult learners to practice with materials and corporately work on some of the written assignments.    


Classes include: 

Montessori Philosophy and Pedagogy  

Human Development 

Environmental Design 


Leadership and Administration  

Child, Family, and Community  


Early Childhood Overview  


Part III: Practicum  

The Practicum consists of a full-time classroom experience of a minimum of 400 hours (over a five-month period) in a pre-approved infant or toddler model setting that provides the practicum student with supervisory support in the classroom and periodic observation and evaluation. The purpose of the practicum experience is to provide the adult learner with the opportunity for gradual, personal and practical experience as a Montessori Teacher. It is recommended that the adult learner stay in the school for the length of the school year, usually 9-10 months. 


The adult learner is required to work in the practicum site for a minimum of four (4) hours a day, five (5) days a week, in a period of at least five (5) months. The minimum number of hours is 400. During the practicum year the adult learner will be visited a minimum of three times by a qualified Field Supervisor for additional support.  It is preferred that all adult learners complete their practicum under a supervising teacher; however, a self-directed practicum is possible with 3 additional Field Visits.  An attendance sheet must be completed daily and signed by the supervising teacher.  


Part IV: Evaluation  

Final review and examinations are a requirement of the CMF Teacher Education courses. During Part IV, adult learners complete their practicum notebook, written examination, yearlong project, and albums. Upon successful completion, adult learners are awarded the CMF Birth to Three Credential.  



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